Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tax Sale & Tax Lien Investing


Tax Lien Investing / Probate Investing

Tax Sale Resources



Yet another List

Real Auction

Grant Street Group

Grant Street Lien Auctions

Do you think it is a wise investment? See for yourself!

Maryland Lien Auction Bid May 17 Photo KGERR 051462#

Donald Trump Undervalued Property Seminar

Donald Trump University Webinar: Tax Lien Seminar

Missouri Tax Liens

Jackson County Missouri

Tax Lien

Tax Liens MO

Donald trump Reduce Taxes Seminar

Donald Trump Raise Your Credit Score Webinar

Donald Trump Probate Investing Seminar

Donald Trump Cut Your Taxes In Half For The Rest Of Your Life

Donald Trump Quantum Wealth

Donald Trump Fast Internet Profit

Donald Trump University

Taxsalelists.com Seminar

TeleSeminar on Foreclosures (Audio only)

Teleseminar audio only


Due Diligence Check List

Short Version Due Diligence

Due Diligence for Tax Deeds

Public Records (for CUSIP Numbers)

Albuquerque (CUSIP Numbers)

Arizona search parcel Apache BID tax liens Jan-Feb

La Paz County AZ (borders California)

Arizona Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office: http://treasurer.maricopa.gov/office.htm Jan-Feb

Arizona County of Mohave, Arizona - Treasurer - Tax Sale: http://bit.ly/dnYNJt Jan-Feb

Arizona Greenlee County tax lien.pdf (application/pdf Object): http://bit.ly/b8EZ8S Jan.- Feb

Greenlee County AZ Public Notices

Arizona BidApacheCounty: Select Auction: http://bit.ly/9zR6zy Jan-Feb

California (san Fransico / Oakland area) Alameda County March 18-19

California Los Angeles (28th District State Senate) Tax Sale normally in February has been postponed till Oct.

California Parcel Property San Diego County February

California Tulare County (Near San Diego) January 28

Alcachua County Florida

Illinois PARCEL PROPERTY November

Iowa County, Iowa

Kentucky Jefferson City KY County Commissioner

Missouri Saline County, Missouri Free Public Records Directory: http://bit.ly/dkyO0o July-Aug

SRI February 26th - March 8th

Douglas County Omaha Nebraska Tax Lien Registration $50.00 plus $10.00 End of Feb. Beginning of March

Douglas County Omaha Nebraska Information

Douglas County Omaha Nebraska Tax lien Sale

Missouri 2009 Land Tax Sale: http://bit.ly/bKBwY9 July-Aug

Maryland Silver Springs County Parcel Property May - June 5th

Maryland Montgomery County Parcel Property May - June 5th

New Jersey The Official Web Site for The State of New Jersey: http://bit.ly/9hritO December

New Jersey

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Google Earth


Melissa Data

Terra Server


Tax Lien University

In October 2010 there will be 3 tax lien sales. 1st in Grand County Colorado then in Denver County on October 12, last but not least in Adams County on the 18 of October.

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