Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tax Lien Portfolio

My Tax Lien Portfolio

Friday, September 17

This was my very first purchase of tax liens

on February 17, 2010 fom Maricopa County Arizona. Parcel number 101-07-005D fir $116.46 @ 14% interest rate. And 101-22-228A was refunded. 101-36011L for $33.35 @14 % interest rate. On May 28th they apologized for the sell of one of those three parcels saying that it was sold by mistake and they refunded me a check for 242.86 for the parcel that I bought for 235.19.

You can see all the pictures right here

On May 10th for $68.14 @ 16% Interest I bought one from Mohave County Certificate number 2008021316 Parcel number 40243078. Thank God! This is the details on it

Next I went to Citris County for June and bought this one (? or 2 see receipt on all three pictures) for $36.11 @ 17.75% Interest on June 3rd, 2010 Also this one for $45.11@ 17.75% Interest from the same county Confirmation Code 10060343736151

By the time I got the check It was in June and Okaloosa County Florida was having their tax lien sell right during the Oil Spill. So I went to Okaloosa on June 9th and picked up this for $42.73 @ 18% Interest Confirmation Code 10050944396246.

Then last but not least in September on the 16th I picked up a $33.43 special in Alachua County Florida Parcel ID 18354-099-000 Certificate number 0041612. I am not sure how much interest this one pays but it is probably @18% just like Okaloosa County was in June.

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