Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jacob's Inheritance, Israel's Inheritance & My Inheritance

Just because your name may be Chuck (for Charlie) doesn't qualify you for my inheritance. Under the little "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree for 2009 sat a red & white cloth bag with tiny Santa Clauses' all over on the outside of the Holiday wear that was lined with black feathers. That was a gift that I bought myself at a yard sale last fall so it was my first time using it.

I had forgot to peel off the little piece of masking tape that had .50 cents scribbled on it until Christmas morning when I found it. I had thrown some little silver bells in the bottom of the purse to make it jingle when I toted it at the
Walmart just twelve days before Christmas.

But Christmas morning I woke up and sat up in the bed as I always do.
I grabbed my glasses and the bible. I turned to a scripture in Psalms 111:6 that I had never noticed before. God said He was given me an inheritance. I had seen Dr. Steve Munsey on Trinity Broadcasting Network teach about the Passover Offerings that bring the Passover blessings of Inheritance and I started doing what Dr. Munsey said to do from the very first time I heard him teach it on TBN in the early 2000's.

Yet I had not seen that portion of the text from Exodus 23 Inheritance manifest in my life.
Although the other portions of the Passover offering I had witnessed manifesting in my life from the very first year that I obeyed the word concerning the Passover Offering. Dr. Munsey said that you simply give God a sacrificial offering over and above the tithe each time one of the Holy Feasts comes around. However, On Passover I also enjoy the lamb and all the unleavened bread. I keep the Holy Feast of Passover as best as an engrafted Messianic Jew could. An engrafted Jew is a Christian Wanna be Jew. Some of us have a lot more in common with the Jews than just blood. For instance my birthday is the same day as the day that Israel was declared a nation. And I had a vision of Jacob's ladder when I was five years old. God changed Jacob's name to Israel.

The Holy Feasts roll by us three times a year and are to be kept perpetually world without end. Passover is the very first one I started keeping. It usually falls near about the same time as Easter.
So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see God speak to me about inheritance on Christmas morning. Especially since I didn't have much else for Christmas and I was really missing my children more than the other holidays without them.

Then God gave me another verse and HE just kept adding on to it about what my legal
inheritance is. First in Psalm 78:55. Then He began to show me about other things that would come to the righteous like it said in the book of Daniel 7:9, 18 about the Ancient of Days and the kingdom being given to the Saints of the Most High. And how the kingdom of the heathen will be overthrown in Haggai 2:19-22.

I don't know exactly what God has planned or where it will happen. I do know that HE will act regardless who tries to make HIS word void. Man may think that they have more control or power than God. But God's word declares that God will prove them to be but man and not God. My future and my inheritance is in the hands of God and not man.

And how the wealth will be gathered in the
Zechariah 14:9,14. God also tells us in Proverbs 22:16 that whoever increases in riches by oppression will surely come to want. And in Proverbs 28:8 that the one who gains riches by oppression and usuary only gathers it for someone who will be merciful to the poor. Proverbs 22:22 Goes on to warn what will happen if you rob the poor or the orphan in Proverbs 23:10 or move your neighbors land mark in Deuteronomy 27:17. No one can deny the judgments of God on the land all through the old testament when the wicked were in possession of the land the Lord sent curses on the land in Deuteronomy 28:18 and in 2 Kings 22:19.

Every time the righteous possessed the land the fields produced plenty in Deuteronomy 28:8 and so did the livestock multiply. And in Deuteronomy 11:29 we see the blessings and curses on land. There are many more places that God's word is better than an almanac to predict the harvest. And the weather was not the barometer rather who they served was the indicator on what the land would do. God has given me much more than just that for an inheritance. Joshua 1 verse 3 says that every place where I set the sole of my foot shall be mine. Not just anyone qualifies for the possession promises in God's word. You have to obey HIS commands in Exodus 20 (the Ten Commands) and you must obey the Holy Spirit's commands too which are much greater. Joshua declares in Chapter 1 and verse 4 that God has given me from Lebanon to the Great River Euphrates shall be my territory. Lebanon is about thirty miles away and God says my territory reaches as far as the West Coast. Just look at a map of the U.S.A. You will see I am one rich lady because the last I checked the West Coast is where California sits!

I suppose if anyone who served the Lord and went through what my children and I have gone through from December 1994 through to the current date that they would qualify for some land too. Hallelujah!

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