Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twelve Days Of Christmas Began Last Night & My True LOVE Gave To Me; A Big Brown & White Horse

Did anyone else get the twelve days of Christmas gift beginning last night? I was awakened at about 1AM with the sound of my neighbors dog barking for 15 minutes. I finally got scared after hearing something fall to the ground somewhere in the house (later I discovered it was my baby photo) and I called for an officer to come and assist me. Little did I know that he was already in front of my house because there was a big beautiful brown and white horse standing in my front yard.

I asked the officer to come in and see what made that noise and that is when he told me that there was a horse in my front yard. I had so much fun giving it water and feeding it oatmeal. I just knew that was God's doing and it was the first day of Christmas gift. Aint God so good! But I have no barn, no fence and no man or truck to carry the fifty pound bags of oats that they go through each day.

So, this morning when I got up I missed my horse as he must have tried to find a barn somewhere else.
One day if I have everything that I need to care for a horse I sure would love one. I even got to pet the horse on the nose. He was so friendly even though the dogs had startled him to a point of fret he let me get right next to him and give him water that he was so grateful for.

P.S. I did try to get a picture but the batteries were dead and it was so dark. But Police Dept. can verify that God put a horse in my front yard last night.

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