Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alcoholics Anonymous AA

I know that many pastors still use the Alcoholics Anonymous and Drug User Anonymous programs. I think they even have one program called adult children of alcoholics. I have been to each of those classes as I was legally termed each of those labels at different points in my life.

The AA communities are very good support groups and operate much like and sometimes better than a church community does. I know that my sister made a lot of life long friends in those classes or meetings.

And the truth is I did find that the fellowship in the AA meetings to be a much closer knit group of people than in many churches that I have been a part of. I am just a real stickler for words and I strongly believe the bible when it says we are to call those things that are not as though they were.

Thus ie: "My name is Kimi and I have been totally delivered and healed from drugs, alcohol and promiscuity (for 9 1/2 years to current date) " instead of the negative confession ie "Hello my name is Sue and I am a drug addict." upon the introductions that everyone gives in those meetings.

That is the only thing that I see any conflict with my faith in. Other than that AA is one of the best communities of love and connections of like minded people than anywhere else that I know of.
The church I attended this morning "The Masters Touch International" with Psychologist Dr. Mark Chironna even mentioned the great works of Bill Wilson and we all quoted one of his "giving prayer confessions" at the end of service.

I know how oppressive life could be when someone has to live in a home of total emotional abuse, alcoholism, and lots of demonic oppression that would accompany an atmosphere of that nature and how I am so glad that I have been set free from that kind of environment.

Now people can be healed and delivered from all kind of behavioral problems just by implementing some of the AA twelve step principals.

I believe that it would even work to bring deliverance from other forms of addictions such as pornography or sexual addictions. I love all of the people in those groups and I really think they are just another sect of God's way of bringing healing to the church as long as the Father, Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the "HIGHER POWER" that they lean upon.

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