Monday, November 16, 2009

God Wired Men Too!

There once was a man who loved God and always wanted to do the right thing. He was trained and skilled in what some would call street smarts but God exalted him to lead an army. He was real good about saying he was sorry when he messed up.

But he was addicted to pornography yet he didn't like to watch it from a computer or from magazines he wanted to watch it in real life. He got so addicted to it that he murdered the husband of the women who he enjoyed watching.

The first baby that was conceived by this man and the wife of the man he killed it didn't make it to life. It was still born with no life.

This is a real story and what happens next devastated this family for decades later. His son decided he didn't want his dad to be the head of the household anymore so he tried to have his dad killed.

Then his dad's army couldn't let that happen so his son was killed in battle. Then the one life time achievement that he wanted to do was not afforded him as a result of his lifestyle.

I am talking about a man named David. Do you know him? He was addicted to Bathsheba pornography. His son Absalom was killed in action. King David killed Uriah husband to Bathsheba. And David's baby that Bathsheba conceived while her husband Uriah was off to war was born dead.

This is exactly what pornography does, it kills, steals and destroys the man and his family.
Pastor please listen to me, the devil wants your wife and your children for himself that is why he dug a pit of destruction of pornography for you. He watched you till he knew your every move. He also watched your wife and your children so that once he throws you down for the last count he is going for the big hit (your family.)

Back away slowly and pray the entire time after three steps back turn around and never look back! Go running to the arms of your God and your wife. Your family needs you and so do many others.

For more help and resources go to Pastor Brian Bohrer Ministries or contact him at his church Living Bread. He authored a book that will help anyone come out of the grips of pornography called "EYE WIRED MEN" see website for details.

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