Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Like Online Church too!

God is so very awesome! How could anyone not believe? Everything around me is speaking of God's creation and many times God Himself is speaking to me through dreams or guiding me with HIS eye.

I went to a live service at Pastor Rick Warren's church Saddleback tonight for the first Saturday night service that I have ever been to. I have been to his Sunday morning service several times and I have loved it.

He has two live services Sat. night 4:30 & 6:30 P.M. Pacific Time and two more live services Sunday moring 9:00 & 11:15AM and I JUST Found out they have Sunday Night live services WOOPIE!!! The Sunday night services are at 4:30 & 6:30 PM.

That is exactly what this Nation needs right now in these prophetical times we live in. How COOL is that!!! My favorite was Easter morning when they added the chat and bible notes option while you go to live internet streaming church service. It was awesome! You can find Saddleback on Tweet at SOC_Tweet.

I also like to go to Joel Osteens services on early Sunday morning. I think his services start at 8:30AM Central Time.

Have you ever been to church at the largest church in America?

Or been to church with the nicest Pastor in America?

Come and see Joel Osteen Lakewood live Services at 8:30 AM.

And find them on Twitter at joelosteenmin.

To start you Sabbath rest off perfectly try having live services on Saturday night 4:30 & 6:30 P.M. Pacific Time.

And Sunday mornings 9, 11:15 AM and 4:30, and 6:30 PM.

Then with Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback. Or Find them on Twitter SOC_tweet

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